• Cole’s products are the must-have menu items for our foodservice customers.

  • Filled and/or topped with real ingredients: A great tasting addition to your menu!

  • 0 grams trans fat per serving: A healthy addition to your menu!

  • Freezer to table in about 10 minutes: Just heat and serve!

  • Presented fully prepared: No prep work required!

Product Facts

Cole's Garlic Toast

Code: 71052 00852

Pack Size: 12/12 ct. Sleeves

Per Slice Weight 1.75 oz

Cole's Cheese Sticks

Code: 71052 00865

Pack Size: 1/108 ct.

Per Stick Weight: 2.3 oz.

Net Weight: 15.50 lbs.

Cole's Whole Grain Garlic Toast

Code: 71052 00847

Pack Size: 12/12ct Sleeves

Per Slice Weight: 1.1 oz.

Cole's Whole Grain 2 oz. Bread Sticks

Code: 71052 00832

Pack Size: 1/54 ct.

Cole's Whole Grain 1 oz. Bread Sticks

Code: 71052 00833

Pack Size: 1/225 ct.